Biomass plant


Kompostanlage Lohfelden
Sandwiesen 5
34253 Lohfelden

2. owner of the project
Abfallentsorgung Kreis Kassel
Wilhelmshöher Allee 19-21
D – 34117 Kassel

3. Small description
Year of Commissioning: 11/2011
Designed Capacity: 23,000 t/a
8 fermenters each 280m³
1 percolate tank 950 m³
1 gas engine

4. What kind of waste

Separate collected bio waste

5. A small description of the necessity of theproject.
The public authority wants to expand the existing composting plant with an AD plant in order to get first out the methane and then to produce compost as fertilizer. Therefore they have started a public tender and finally contracted Helector as general constructor.