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Contract in Heppenheim is signed

Contract in Heppenheim is signed The consortium Helector / Herhof has signed the contract for planning, errecting and commissioning for the biogas plant of the local waste authority (ZAKB) in Heppenheim on 17th of June...


Helector hands over biogas plant Borg to county Uelzen

The biogas plant Borg in the county Uelzen was accepted and handed over on 14th June 2012. The client, the waste management company of the county Uelzen (awb LK Uelzen) inspected and accepted the plant so it was handed over by...


Biowaste fermentation plant in Lohfelden was put into commercial operation

On 10th of November 2011 the bio waste fermentation plant in Kassel-Lohfelden was officially put in operation. Helector GmbH was contracted as general contractor for the construction of this facility.


New perspectives for neglected technology: MBT plant Larnaca

The Dry Stabilat technology once mixed up the German waste management market. The Green Dot feared for its market and environmentalists saw emission problems. In addition, economic turmoil came to the company Herhof. But the idea...


Roofing ceremony for the dry-digestion plant in Kassel-Lohfelden (Vollmarshausen)

On 28 June 2011 the roofing ceremony of the fermentation plant was celebrated. "The current construction schedule was completed without complications - the involved companies did a good job," mentioned Vice District Administrator...



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