Helector hands over biogas plant Borg to county Uelzen

The biogas plant Borg in the county Uelzen was accepted and handed over on 14th June 2012. The client, the waste management company of the county Uelzen (awb LK Uelzen) inspected and accepted the plant so it was handed over by Helector GmbH to the awb LK Uelzen.

"The license fee payers," District Administrator Dr. Heiko Blume stated at the opening ceremony "can be satisfied. We succeeded to build a plant here that pays off. " The plant will produce about one million cubic meters of biogas a year. This results in two million kilowatt hours of heat and electricity – this equals roughly the amount of energy needed to supply up to 1,000 households with electricity and about 10,000 square feet of living space with warmth.

The expansion of the biogas plant is already planned and approved. All units and connections are already prepared for this extension.

The biogas plant Borg is the first hybrid gas plant in Germany that can handle both biogas and landfill gas, which has been built and put into operation. In addition, the biogas plant Borg is the world's first facility of its kind, which is equipped with its own weak gas management system so that the requirements of TALuft (German emission law) are met.

The biogas plant Borg defines the state of the art in the new exhaust treatment.

Below are impressions of the biogas plant Uelzen.