Environment, energy and waste

Helector S.A. is responsible for the sectors environment, energy and waste management in the Ellaktor S.A. Group. In this regard, Helector S.A. covers all areas of traditional waste management from waste collection to energy recovery. With the acquisition of Herhof GmbH in the year 2005, the product range has been extended by another promising field, the treatment of waste according to the Dry Stabilate® process. Since 2005, numerous activities have developed on the German market. Following this trend, a traditional holding company was founded with Helector GmbH, in order to combine strategically the wide-ranging activities on the German market.


Information about the share distribution in Ellaktor S.A.

Ellaktor S.A. holds 94.44% of the shares of Helector S.A. The other shareholder is the private person Leonidas Bobolas (5.56%).

The Helector group holds 100% of the shares of Helector GmbH as well as 100% of the shares of Herhof GmbH and holds 100% of the shares of Helector Recyclingcenter Osnabrück GmbH.

The company Loock Biogassyteme GmbH was merged by 01. January 2010 with Helector GmbH. Since 2008 there was a 100% shareholding of Helector  in Loock Biogassysteme GmbH.

The company Loock Biogassysteme GmbH was founded in May 2001. Since that time many reference plants in the area of generating biogas out of separate collected bio waste and renewable energy crops were constructed and are in operations since many years.

Besides this Helector GmbH is responsible for the administration and management of investments in companies in the sectors energy, plant engineering and construction, property administration as well as logistics and management services. Furthermore, Helector GmbH will provide support for subordinated companies in the areas of public relations, marketing and administration.

The business areas of Helector GmbH are as follows:

  • Consulting of farmers, authorities, municipalities and local authorities for energy recovery by renewable energy corps
  • Development of waste treatment strategies for the collection, treatment of municipal, industrial and commercial waste types
  • Consulting for optimizing existing plants
  • Design, Construction, project management of plants for biogas production, utilisation of biogas and mechanical-biological waste treatment
  • Operating of biogas plants
  • Research and development for mechanical-biological treatment plants and energy production out of biomass
  • Service Center for administration services


Some impressions of our headquarter in Solms: